Uplifting People and Their Communities

Strengthening the foundation of economic prosperity through increased financial inclusion and access to quality education.

Uplifting Others is Our Passion

The Stena Foundation is an independent, private foundation created to help solve systemic, life-altering challenges standing between meer survival and an ability to thrive for individuals, families, and communities. We do this by focusing on improving the economic foundations of financial inclusion and access to quality education.

We work with our partners to craft impactful investments, scalable solutions, and insightful data-driven research that uplift individuals, families, communities, and economies.


Stena in Action

Rural Pathways to Education Project

Partnering with State and local governments, public universities, thought leaders, and community organizations to identify interventions and avenues for successful post-secondary learning opportunities for students from rural communities across the US.

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53% of U.S. school districts and 25% of U.S. schools are classified as rural
Phase One: Rural Pathways to Education Project Update
We are eager to report some of our preliminary findings from this project in...
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UPLIFT Principles
The Stena Foundation recognizes that it is imperative to identify and embody...
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The UPLIFT Scholarship
The Stena Foundation is increasing access to quality education by providing...
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The Stena Foundation: Uplifting People and Their Communities
The Stena Foundation’s vision is to uplift people and their communities....
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Our Anthem

Community Partners

Meet the Founders

Steve and Jana, the co-founders of the Stena Foundation, believe that financial inclusion and quality education can be a catalyst for change, and can break the chains of generational poverty to lift local economies.


We are all team members and each one of us is equally important to attaining our goals. Words matter. How we treat each other matters. You can’t expect to make a positive impact on the world without first attending to your stakeholders, partners, and mission-focused communities.


The ability to hone in on a task, and to make every minute matter is what turns insight into action. When we choose to focus, we make the best use of our time and resources.


We practice constant curiosity and have a passion for research and data-driven solutions. It is imperative that we take the time to analyze each step we take and look for learning opportunities. This approach will ultimately drive the greatest degree of mission focused impact.


We recognize that we can’t succeed alone. Leverage is about finding the most efficient way to partner with our networks and to use our resources to achieve our goals.


We must understand the why and strive to do the right thing every time. Our mission is firmly front and center. Always.


We believe in acting and investing now to help create the inclusive economic prosperity for all we want to see tomorrow. “Progress before perfection.”

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